Spending Priorities for 2020

We are holding an open public meeting on

Sunday 23rd February 2020 2.30 – 4.30pm

at St George Community Centre, Church Road

The St George Community Network aims to give the communiity oportunities to work together influence plans for St George.

The Network mainly works to influence decisions through its Topic Groups and these have been activie over the past year along with the many community groups working in the area.

From time to time the SGCN hold community meetings to talk about issues that are beyond the scope of individual groups and need input from as many members of the community as possible.

One of the subjects which we meet to discuss each year are the options for the spending of funds available to the St George area from past developments – Community Infrastructure Levy or CIL – and the projects on which the available funds could be spent.

The final decision on spending these funds is taken by Councillors each year through the Area Committees but they are keen to hear everyone’s ideas and views. This meeting is your change to have your say.

At the meeting representatives of various community groups will be giving updates on current projects and putting forward ideas for where they think the available funds should be spent. Throughout the meeting we will be collecting their ideas and those of everyone who attends.

Councillors will then work with those putting forward ideas to ensure they are eligable for CIL funding. If necessary we will hold a further meeting next month to decide which projects should be prioritised for our area.

You can read about the projects that have been funded over the past two years on our website at stgeorgecommunity.org.uk/network/projects/
More details about the CIL process are available here: stgeorgecommunity.org.uk/network/projects/community-infrastructure-levy-cil/