St George Community Association runs St George Community Centre on Church Road.

We are developing a new website to act as a community hub and give more information about events and activities happening in St George. Watch this space.

Through its networking activities, St George Community Association aims to:

• Speak up for the whole of St George to ensure we get our share of any future funding;
• Give the area an identity and promote it as a wonderful place to live and work;
• Promote networking and exchange of information between community groups, Councillors, the Police & others;
• Provide information through this website, our Facebook and Twitter feeds and to support community notice boards.
• Act as a community of community groups;

This website and our social media are mostly run by volunteers.

Our role is to provide a network for community groups and to campaign on local issues.

If you would like to get involved please email us to let us know your particular interests.