Community Planning

The St George Community Planning Group was formed after a meeting in August 2018 between residents, Councillor Asher Craig, the Friends of St George Park, the St George Community Network, other local Councillors and our local MP.

The Planning Group had an advisory role, representing the community to the City Council in enabling St George Park (and some other community buildings) to support the community. We were discussing options to move forward on the various projects proposed both around the park and in the wider St George area.

Over 20 residents were involved in the Planning Group meeting reugularly in late 2018 & early 2019.

The group also worked with some Architecture students from the University of the West Of England to get their ideas about what could be done in the park. You can see the document they produced with their ideas here.

Following the Community Meeting on Sunday 17th February 2019 we launched a survey to get your ideas and opinions.

The results of the survey were presented to a further meeting in April 2019 and can be seen via the links below:

Feb / March 2019 Survey ResultsSurvey Comments

We have also produced a document to support the activity of the group with ideas, views and options – the document will be updated as our work progresses, the latest version can be downloaded from the link below:

St George Park – Ideas, Views & Options – Jan 2019

It was clear that there was no community concensus on any changes to the use of the community buildings around the park. During 2019 the Council also started discussions with bowling clubs across Bristol on the future maintenance of bowling pavilions and bowling greens including those in St George Park.

It was clear that the future of the bowls pavilion in St George Park needed to be resolved before any decisions could be made on the use of the other buildings. The group has therefore suspended meetings for the time being.