Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The St George Community Network has the opportunity to influence how CIL funds are spent in St George, with the four St George Councillors making the final decisions as part of the Area Committees.

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Process & deadlines for 2021

The chart above shows the outline process for 2021.

Initial ideas need to be prioritised by the community by the end of March, so that more details can be developed with the Area Committees making final descisions in September.

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Watch the 2021 information video on the CIL/S106 process

What is CIL?

  • When a developer builds something (housing, retail etc.) they have to pay a charge, known as CIL, to the Council.
  • The Council keeps 85% of this for citywide projects (like Metrobus) and 15% goes to local areas.
  • Decisions on how to allocate the 15% local CIL funding are made by Area Committees which are made up of the Councillors from a group of wards.
  • CIL money from all developments in our three wards of St George Troopers Hill, St George Central & St George West along with those from Ashley, Easton, Lawrence Hill and Central wards are lumped into one pot and decided by one Area Committee.
  • We are area 4 on this map, our Area Committee has 13 Councillors including the 4 from St George.
  • The Area Committee meets once a year to make spending decisions. The 2019 meeting will be in September (see key dates below).
  • CIL can only be spent on ‘infrastructure’ projects – usually capital works – this might be parks improvements or community buildings. CIL money cannot be spent on running costs or staffing for an ongoing service or activity.
  • There is no upper or lower budget limit-but the Council are looking at a few large scale projects per area.
  • New developments in the area will continue to add money to the pot.

What is the decision making process?

  • The four St George Councillors first want to find which priority projects that the community supports.
  • These then have to be turned into project proposals. Proposals will need to be able to be delivered either by a constituted local organisation or by Bristol City Council (e.g. parks or highways).
  • There is no guarantee that projects from our area will be selected – all Councillors will need to make a strong case for their project to be chosen. The more support from local people the better.
  • The projects selected to go forward by the Area Committee will have to draw up a fully costed proposal. Then the Area Committee meet in September at a formal public meeting to agree which proposals can be funded that year.
  • Any external organisations will then be given a Funding Agreement that sets out the conditions of the funding.
  • The Area Committees will meet each year and any new developments will add money to the pot, so unsuccessful projects could be resubmitted in following years.

Area Committee Decisions 2019

Public meetings were held in February & April 2019 to discuss projects to be prioritised for CIL & S106 funding in 2019.

Following these meetings Councillors met in May 2019 to decide which projects across the Area 4 Committee area would be progress to the more detailes stage 2 assessment.

At the formal Area Committee on 3rd October 2019, it was agreed that the following projects would be funded (CIL funding unless noted):

  • Carpark, Crews Hole Road – £50,053
  • Conham Road: safety improvements – £26,138.40 (S106)
  • Traffic calming, Hillside Road – £50,000
  • Meadowvale Community Association: Extension to Community Centre – £200,000
  • St George Community Association Ltd: Improvements to St. G Community Centre – £47,810.86
  • St. George’s park: Improvements to boating lake – £135,000
  • Replacement Tree Planting – £33,842.65 (S106)

More details of some of these projects can be seen via the link below.

List of potential projects in St George >>

Area Committee Decisions 2018

SGCN held community meetings on 14th March & 20th June 2018 & 15th August to talk about the options and the spending of CIL funds available to the St George area – and the projects on which the available funds could be spent.

The Area Committee then met on 13th Sept 2018 – Meeting Papers

Funding was allocated to two projects in St George
– Provision of publicly accessible toilets in St George Park in existing buildings for 2019 (to remain until any new café /community building is in place).
– Troopers Hill Field paths & access track (with match funding sought by Friends of Troopers Hill)

The key outcomes of the discussions at the community meetings were:

    • That funding for the maintenance costs (cleaning etc) for the medium term provision of public toilet facilities in the centre of the park should be investigated (Cllr Asher Craig arranged for a temporary toilet block to be provided for summer 2018).
    • That the community is happy for the old toilet building at the park entrance to be sold if the money is invested in new toilet & other facilities in the park.
    • That a master planning process is required to consider the options for all the projects related to the park (see below) together, this would include the Library and the Community Centre.
    • That the phase 2 plans for Meadow Vale Community Centre were supported and should be considered in future years.
    • That the following projects should be put forward for CIL funding this year:
      – Provision of publicly accessible toilets in St George Park in existing buildings for 2019 (to remain until any new café /community building is in place).
      – Troopers Hill Field paths & access track (with match funding sought by Friends of Troopers Hill)
      – Provision of planters on Church Rd as part of a combined project with St George in Bloom working with ParkWork to expand the existing CIL funded project in St George parks

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