One of the aims of the St George Community Network is for us to work together influence plans for the area.

The Network works to influence decisions through its Topic Groups and its Network meetings.

The SGCN hold community meetings to talk about the options and the spending of funds available to the St George area from past developments – Community Infrastructure Levy or CIL – and the projects on which the available funds could be spent. The final decision on spending these funds is taken by Councillors each year through the Area Committees.

Spending Priorities for 2020

We held an open public meeting on Sunday 23rd February 2020 at St George Community Centre.

This was your bring your ideas for new projects in parks, community buildings or highways to be funded in 2020.

Due to Covid-19, this process was put on hold and we don’t expect it to resume until 2021.

Ideas suggested at the meeting >>

More information about CIL and the decision-making process >>

Projects Agreed in 2019

At the formal Area Committee on 3rd October 2019, it was agreed that the following projects would be funded (CIL funding unless noted):

  • Carpark, Crews Hole Road – £50,053
  • Conham Road: safety improvements – £26,138.40 (S106)
  • Traffic calming, Hillside Road – £50,000
  • Meadowvale Community Association: Extension to Community Centre – £200,000
  • St George Community Association Ltd: Improvements to St. G Community Centre – £47,810.86
  • St. George’s park: Improvements to boating lake – £135,000
  • Replacement Tree Planting – £33,842.65 (S106)

Listed below are the projects that have been suggested and / or funded for St George over the last couple of years.

Project List

Projects agreed for funding  – 2019

Meadow Vale Community Centre

In 2016, Meadow Vale Community Association applied for planning permission for a major renovation and extension of Meadow Vale Community Centre, providing an all-purpose hall and ancillary accommodation including toilets, changing rooms and stores. The planning application was approved by Bristol City Council in January 2017.

Some work to improve the existing centre is now been carried out, but significantly more funding is required for the extended centre to be built.

St George Park Lake

Friends of St George Park have long had an aspiration to improve the lake for wildlife. They are currently carrying out a study into the options for this that is Lottery funded. In addition part of the lake wall has collapsed and needs expensive repairs, this has led to part of the path around the lake being fenced off.

Ideas developed by the Wildlife & Wetlands Trust for Friends of St George Park can be seen below. These are provisional plans and a more detailed report is now being produced. Any project would need to consider the long-term maintenance of both the structures and the wildlife areas.

Click on images to view.

St George Community Centre Improvements

Improvement works to the building and grounds of St George Community Centre to include:

• Improved front door entry system and disabled access
• Improved security and energy saving measures – including lighting and improved insulation
• Improved access from the park including new gate, fencing and more accessible pathway.

Car parking area – Crews Hole Road

The creation of a formal surfaced car park area on the current area of rough ground could reduce flytipping by making the area look more attractive.

It would give alternative car parking spaces for visitors to Troopers Hill (using the adjacent steps and footpath) and for people wanting to use the River Avon Trail.

Hillside Road – Traffic calming measures

Safety improvents at blind bend on Crews Hole Rd / Conham Rd.

This is where pedestrians using the River Avon Trail have to cross the road and it is particularly dangerous for people walking from Conham. There have been a number of proposals to improve this crossing over the years, some as part of schemes to include an improved cycle route but none have progressed. Proposals put forward in 2015 can be seen here.

Projects allocated CIL funding in September 2018.

St George Park Toilet

Project Complete

CIL allocated in 2018 was used to provide new permanent public toilets in St George Park which opened in 2019.The café kiosk was also refurbished as part of the same project.

Funding for maintenance (cleaning etc) will come from the Parks budget but some of this will be covered by increased takings from the café kiosk – which is also to be refurbished.

This followed the closure of the old  public toilet block at the main entrance in January 2018. A temporary toilet block was provided for the summer 2018 and again prior to the opening of the new toilets in 2019.

Council’s list of available toilets.

New Path on Troopers Hill Field

Due to complete March 2020

Troopers Hill Field between the play area built-in 2016 and Troopers Hill itself can be very muddy in wet weather. Friends of Troopers Hill were seeking funds to build a new linking path around the Field as part of their Ways to Nature Project.

The CIL funding allocated to this project was used by Friends of Troopers Hill as match funding to apply for grants to fund the rest of the cost of the paths. This funding was secured from from both Enovert Community Trust (ECT) and Ibstock Enovert Trust (IET)

Projects considered by Community Planning Group.

In 2018 we formed a Community Planning Group as a Topic Group to explore options to move forward with large scale plans for the park and other community buildings in St George (see list below).

Results of the survey carried out be the Community Planning Group as presented at the meeting on 6th April 2019 >>

This would be a long-term project with a number of consultation stages over the next few years.

St George Park Buildings

The collection of buildings in the centre of the park include the bowling club pavilion, the café kiosk and the park keepers hut.

It has often been suggested that better use could be made of these buildings or that some of them could be replaced. Ideas include creating a new café / community building with indoor seating areas and toilets – this would be a long-term project needing at least 5 years to design, get planning permission, raise funds and build.

One of the existing buildings was converted into a public toilet during 2019, using CIL money allocated in 2018 (see above).

A respondent to our survey also suggested that the bandstand should be restored on the raised area, this would require relocating the community garden.

St George Park Play Area

Work was carried out in the summer of 2016 to replace the safety surfacing and rebuild part of the ‘Dragon head’ in the play area, however, the wooden structure will need to be completely replaced within the next two or three years giving an opportunity for the whole play area to be redesigned.

It has also been suggested that some outdoor fitness equipment should be added in the park, this could be done as part of the same project.

St George Library

The threat of closure of the library has now been removed with the Council confirming that all libraries will stay open, but the Council wants to look at options to modernise the library and make better use of the space.

The current building was opened in November 1963, over the years there have been a number of suggestions that better use could be made of the site. In the Area Green Space Plan produced in 2009, the library and part of the park adjacent to it were shown as ‘area of possible multi-purpose building including library’.

St George Community Centre

The Community Centre requires some investment to keep it available for use for the next few years. An improvement to the entrance and boundary wall between the park and the centre has been agreed for funding from CIL in 2019 (see above).

In the longer-term it would be possible to consider moving to a new purpose-built community building on the same site or on the site of the Library.

Projects discussed in 2019 but not funded.

One way scheme for Beaufort Rd
Some Section 106 money has been allocated to this scheme but further funding is required. A Neighbourhood Partnership meeting in December 2013 decided to proceed with this scheme but funding and other issues mean is hasn’t happened. Proposals put forward in 2013 can be seen here

Other highways projects that have been suggested in St George over the last few years can be seen on the Improve My Street Map – and you can also add your own ideas.

St George in Bloom

St George in Bloom would like to install a number of council approved planted containers within Church Road.

They would also like to enhance the Billboards site (currently owned by JC Decaux Ltd) at the junction of Marling Road and Bell Hill Road in St George with a planting scheme.

Drinking Fountain for St George Park

When first established St George Park was blessed with a magnificent drinking fountain.

A new fountain wouldn’t be so ornate but they are now being installed around the City and indeed across the UK, we should have one in the Park.

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