Supporting Community Groups

We will soon be adding information to this website about community groups in St George with links to their websites and social media accounts. Please let us know if you would like any information added.

We have set the website up on WordPress so that we can also give access to local groups to post their own appeals and information as news items. If you would be interested in doing this please let us know. We will also post information from city wide groups, the Council, the Police etc where it is relevant to St George.

In the meantime here some links to current appeals for help. Please share if you have access to social media accounts.

Church Rooad Lantern Parade

Church Road Lantern Parade is featured in the latest round of the Tesco Bags of help scheme. They are hoping to schedule a parade for November 29th 2017 and need your help to achieve this.

When you visit any TESCO store in Bristol East please ask for a free token to pop in a box to help decide which project should win the first prize of £4,000 from the Tesco bags of help scheme. It is in all stores from The Island of Tesco at Eastville all the way up to Staple Hill, Hanham and Kingswood so way off our normal patch.

Their target is £12000 to create a safe parade and this will give us a massive step up.

Friends of Troopers Hill – Ways to Nature

Friends of Troopers Hill are running a consultation to see if there is support for a project to improve access to the Hill and ensure that it is protected from unwanted access such as by motorcycles in the future.

Paper copies have been distruibuted locally, but you can also respond on line at The closing date is 12th July, so there are only a few days left. If there is sufficient local support then Friends of Troopers Hill will apply for grant funding for the work.


Two city wide organisations currently have petitions on the Council website that you may wish to support.

The Bristol Parks Forum (of which Friends of St George Park, Friends of Dundridge Park and Friends of Troopers Hill are all members) is concerned about the Council’s current published budget proposals showing that they will stop funding our parks from April 2019, relying instead on revenue generated from parks events and other outside sources.

Protect our Parks

Pavement parking has been a concern for many people in St George, and the Traffic and Transport group of the Neighbourhood Partnership had looked at how this could be tackled.

The Bristol Walking Alliance has progressed on this issue, and has now created a petition.

Ban Parking on Bristol’s Pavements

SGCN Working Group Elected

At the meeting at St George Library yesterday (Wed 5th July) the St George Community Network elected its first Chair and the Working Group which will run the day-to-day activities of the Network for the next 12 months.

SGCN also formally adopted its terms of reference.

Rob Acton-Campbell was elected as chair, other Working Group members are Diane Jones, Fiona Russell, Grenville Johnson, Jo Chesterman, Nigel Williams & Susan Acton-Campbell.

The Working Group will meet next month to agree future meeting dates and other aspects of the SGCN’s organisation.

There are vacancies on the Working Group and also ambitions to form other sub-groups to cover issues like planning and traffic & transport. If you would like to take an active role in running this new organisation then please get in touch

The group is determined to spend as little time as possible on organisational matters and meetings and to focus its energy on improving live in St George.

We also agreed to organise a public meeting later this month to discuss the Council’s ‘Your Neighbourhood’ consultation. We will email and post details once they are finalised. Details of the consultation including a list of consultation events organised by the Council around the city are at

St George Community Network Meeting Wednesday 7.30pm

(Originally sent to our email list 3rd July 2017)

A reminder that there will be a meeting of the St George Community Network at St George Library at 7.30pm on Wednesday 5th July.

We are aiming to keep the formal business of the meeting as short as possible to allow time for a general discussion about how the Network will work and how we should agree on priorities for action.

The agenda:

1. Formally agree the name for the new organisation.
2. Agree terms of reference – draft here
3. Elections – chair etc.
4. Communications – website, email-list, twitter, facebook, notice boards, meetings, other methods.
5. General discussion – how the new organisation will operate, priorities, who will do what?
6. Agree future meetings / get togethers etc.

We hope to see you on Wednesday, if you would like to get involved but can’t make the meeting please email

St George Community Network Update 3

(Originally sent to our email list 26th June 2017)

We were pleased to have a positive feedback on our ideas for the new St George Community Network at the meeting at the library last week.

The next stage is to hold a meeting to formally agree the Network’s structure and elect a chair and a group of people to run the organisation.

Next meeting – St George Library at 7.30pm on Wednesday 5th July.

Please do come along if you would like to get involved. If you are unable to join us at the meeting but would like to get involved please email at

We will also be organising a public meeting in St George during the summer to discuss the Council’s current ‘Your Neighbourhood’ consultation with particular emphasis on the future of St George library. Details of the consultation including a list of consultation events organised by the Council around the city are at

St George Community Network Update 2

(Originally sent to our email list 14th June 2017)

We are in the process of finalising our plans for the public meeting that will launch the St George Community Partnership next week, we are keen that as many local people as possible get involved.

Public meeting at St George Library at 7.30pm on Wednesday 21st June.

At the follow up meeting meeting on Wed 5th July (also at the Library) we will elect a chair and committee and hope to formally adopt the terms of reference for the new organisation.

The current plans are that the organisation will be a sub-group of the St George Community Association, this will avoid having two organisations in St George with similar aims and will simplfy the process of setting up the new organisation so that more time can be devoted to addressing issues in St George.

The article on the St George NP website at now has a link to the constitution of the Community Association as well as the proposed terms of reference.

Once the new organisation is set up the intention is that it will have its own website and take over the existing St George NP facebook and twitter accounts.

Cllr Asher Craig will be at the meeting on the 21st and will be talking briefly about the Council’s ‘Your Neighbourhood’ consultation that launched yesterday and runs until September. There will be another meeting in St George later in the consultaion period where residents will have a chance to talk about the issues raised in more detail so it will not be covered in depth at this meeting.

The consultation covers Public Toilets, Libraries, Neighbourhood Partnerships, School Crossing Patrols and Community Links services. See

St George Community Network Update 1

(Originally sent to our email list 7th June 2017)

The Network is the new organisation that will take over some of the activities of the St George Neighbourhood Partnership. Although the Network will work closely with Councillors and Council Officers, it will be run entirely by local residents.

You can read more about the aims of the organisation and how it came about on the St George NP website at The article includes links to notes of past meetings and a paper ‘Building strong communities where we live’ published last month by the Council setting out the support they propose to give to organisations like ours across the city.

There is also an excellent article about the Network written by Tamsin in this month’s edition of the St George & Redfield Voice – you can see the article here:

We are holding a public meeting at St George Library at 7.30pm on Wednesday 21st June to tell people about the new organisation and how they can get involved.

This will be followed by a meeting on Wed 5th July (also at the Library) where a committee will be elected.