St George Project Ideas 2020

There was a good turnout for our meeting on 23rd February 2020 at the Community Centre discussing the options for the spending of funds available to the St George area from past developments – Community Infrastructure Levy or CIL – and the projects on which the available funds could be spent.

Here is the list from the flip charts at the meeting.

Ideas for CIL funding this year.

1 More litter bins, skips as a campaign to clear gardens, half price month for household waste

2 Beehive & St Ambrose Church combined entrance on Stretford Av to be visible from St George Park

3 Troopers Hill replacement slide – total £10k (quote from Parks) – £8K CIL, £2k crowdfunding

4 Dundridge Park Football Pavilion – provide toilets for public use to allow building to be used by the community during the 6 days not used by the Football Club – note CAT being progressed.

5 Wheel Park, St George Park – request for £250k from BCC as part of a much larger project. Note £100k required for repairs to current facilities to keep as is. Want to take advantage of the boost to the sport from this year’s Olympic Games where skateboarding is included for the first time. Need to consider how the project fits with overall plans for the Park, future of the bowling green, play area etc.

6 Beaconsfield Rd  – measures to address speeding, parking permit scheme? access to residents only?

7 Rodney Rd Playing Fields – play facilities so that residents can access facilities without crrossing a main road.

8 Hillside Av – traffic calming – extend scheme funded last year to the Kingsway.

9 Small wins on roads to address issues for walking.

Schemes needing further work to be considered for 2021 round.

1 St George Library improvements

2 St George Park play area – current wooden structure is nearing the end of its useful life. Idea for Parkour Frame for older kids added on post-it note.

3 Lighting on Crews Hole riverside path – possible increase in use by children & parents plus students if Silverthorne Lane development goes ahead.

4 Drinking fountains in St George Park – could be part of overall project to improve & restore the park.

The final decision on spending these funds is taken by Councillors through the Area Committee. The St George Councillors will now work through these ideas to ensure they are eligable for CIL funding. If necessary we will hold a further meeting next month to decide which projects should be prioritised for our area.

You can read about the projects that have been funded over the past two years on our website at
More details about the CIL process are available here: